Welcome To Campania Alimentari

Since 1962 we supply business with premium local and imported ingredients.

We specialize in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine ingredients, let us help you with the right choices.


Our Products

Delivery to the Melbourne metro region, the Goldfields and the Yarra Valley.

More than 1,200 gourmet products which have been carefully selected considering its quality, nutrition, sustainability, and value. The result could only be the best ingredients from the Mediterranean and the world all within easy reach of our customers.

Our History

Campania Olive Oil was established in 1962 as a continuation of the family business as was operated by the Di Maria family,

Olive oil was their introduction into the Australian market and over time Campania developed a strong following with their compatriots. Later as the family’s activity increased they extended their portfolio as the Australian palate evolved.  Campania was soon dealing in cheeses, rice, porcini, olives, pasta, tomato and antipasti to name a few.